Quality Policy

The commitment of Melvin management towards quality on all projects is demonstrated by:

  • The establishment of the Melvin Quality Policy Statement  authorised by the Managing Director;
  • The communication of the policy intent to the work force through induction, display on Notice boards and at project meetings;
  • The provision of resources to implement and maintain the quality system;
  • The establishment of measurable objectives and regular reviews to ensure the suitability and effectiveness.


The key quality objectives of each project are:

  • Deliver the project on or ahead of time with minimum delays due to defects and rework;
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the Project Deed;
  • Minimise the cost due to rework and defective workmanship.

           The objectives of this Plan are to:

  • Provide a road map on the system practices to be implemented for the quality system;
  • Provide a platform for a consistent and uniform approach which assures that the required standards of quality are attained and maintained for the project works;
  • Ensure that standards, specifications and anticipated quality are consistently and uniformly achieved.