Health & Safety

General Policy

The occupational health and safety of all persons employed within the organisation and those visiting the organisation is considered to be of the utmost importance.


Resources in line with the importance attached to occupational health and safety will be made available to comply with all relevant Acts and Regulations and to ensure that the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

Management’s Responsibility

The OHS Consultation Policy Statement has been developed to support this policy and details the requirements for consultation between management and employees. This policy statement is made to facilitate participation from all in the workplace to ensure that the objectives of this policy are met.

Occupational Health and Safety Program

In order to implement the general provisions of this policy, a program of activities and procedures will be set up, continually updated and effectively carried out. The program will relate to all aspects of occupational health and safety including:

  1. OHS training and education
  2. Work design, workplace design and safe work practices
  3. Changes to work methods and practices, including those associated with technological change
  4. Safety rules, including penalties
  5. Emergency procedures and drills
  6. Provisions of OHS equipment, services and facilities
  7. Workplace inspections and evaluations
  8. Reporting and recording of incidents, accidents, injuries and illnesses
  9. Provision of information to employees
  10. Contractors and sub-contractors

Specific Responsibilities


Each manager is required to ensure that this policy and OHS programs are effectively implemented in their areas of control and to support supervisors and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities.


Each first-line supervisor is responsible, and will be held accountable, for taking all practical measures to ensure:

  1. that the workplace under their control is safe and without risk to health
  2. that the behaviour of all persons in the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

More specifically:

  1. The supervisor will always be held accountable for detecting any unsafe of unhealthy conditions or behaviour.
  2. If the supervisor does not have the necessary authority to fix a problem, they will be held accountable for reporting the matter promptly- together with any recommendations for remedial action – to a supervisor or manager who does have the necessary authority.


All employees are required to co-operate with the OHS Policy and Programs to ensure their own health and safety and the health and safety of others in the workplace.

Contractors and Sub-Contractors

All contractors and sub-contractors engaged to perform work on the organisation’s premises or locations are required, as part of their contract, to comply with the occupational health and safety policies, procedures and programs of the organisation and to observe directions on health and safety from designated officers of the organisation. Failure to comply or observe a direction will be considered a breach of the contract and sufficient grounds for termination of the contract.