Environmental Policy

During the course of its business dealings, Melvin is committed to recognising the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. It attemplts to achieve “industry best” practices in all its operations by:

  • Complying with all laws, regulations and statutory requirements relating to environmental issues.
  • Managing environmental and related issues in accordance with any client requirements, policies and procedures.
  • Applying waste minimisation principles and taking all practicable steps to prevent pollution and other adverse affects from our operations.
  • Establishing monitoring and auditing environment management systems and programs that are consistent with certification requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001.
  • Educating and training employees to improve awareness and knowledge of environmental issues.
  • Establishing and reviewing performance measures.
  • Continually monitoring employee adherence to company environmental policies.

Pollution and water wastage when washing plaster from tools

In order to minimise caked plaster from entering drainage, Mevin Pty. Ltd willl do the following:

  • Designate one area near a tap every three floors.
  •  Excess plaster will be scraped frim plastering tools and placed in bins.
  • Residue left on the tools will be washed in a bucket, which will contain water for cleaning.
  • This water will be reused to clean tools up to 5 mixes or until water become excessively dirty.
  • The dirty water will then be disposed of in Otto bins, which will have a drainage point near its top, filtered by gauze- allowing the overflowing filtered water to enter drainage.
  • When residue becomes exceesive in the bin, the water sitting in the bin below the drainage point will be emtied, the drainage pipe will be disconnected and the residue will be emptied into a rubbish bin provided by the builder.
  • Site Manager will be made aware of the importance of this issue prior to starting the project.
  • This plan will be addressed in a toolbox talk, making every employee aware of the importance.
  • If an employee is found to breach this policy, they will firstly receive a verbal warning, followed by two written warnings and finally dismissed.
  • After each and every breach, a toolbox talk will be held in order to reiterate the policy

Waste Management (Rubbish)

  • At the conclusion of every day, or at such a time when excessive accumulation of rubbish occurs, Melvin employees will collect and dispose of obsolete material off cuts in rubbish bins provided by the builder.
  • In the event of material off cuts being used, they will be placed in neat stacks in areas not affecting future works.
  • The site manager will ensure that this procedure is followed.
  • Toolbox talks will ensure this practice is adopted by all employees.
  • We estimate that 5% of all materials installed will be wastage.

Noise Pollution

  • Melvin will comply with all council time restrictions applicable to the project.
  • Melvin will comply with the builders noise pollution requirements.